TERMS & CONDITIONS OF PROGRAM TECHCOM Rewards – Reward points for customers who are credit card holders

1. Name of program: TECHCOM Rewards (hereinafter referred to “Program).

2. Deployment time: From 01/06/2021 until the end of 31/12/2021.

3. Subjects of application & Scope of deployment:

3.1. Subject of application: Individual customers who use Techcombank Visa Classic, Gold, Platinum credit cards (excluding Vietnam Airlines Techcombank Visa (Classic, Gold, Platinum), Visa Signature credit cards, Visa Infinite credit card, MasterCard credit card, DreamCard credit card).

3.2. Scope of deployment: Apply uniformly throughout Techcombank system.

4. Brief introduction about program:

TECHCOM Rewards is a promotion program of TCB for individual customers using TCB’s credit cards, whereby, depending on the card type and spending amount, customers will accumulate corresponding reward points according to TCB’s policy in each period. Customers can use the rewards points accumulated from this program to redeem at units that are cooperative partners participating in the loyalty program of VINID.

5. Definition and explanation of acronyms:

  • TCB/Techcombank: Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank
  • Customer: individual customers using products and services at Techcombank.
  • Business unit: is a branch/ business unit of the retail banking group in Techcombank.
  • Call Center Officer: is an employee/specialist who receives customer requests through the phone system of the Personal Customer Support Service department in Techcombank.
  • VinID loyalty program is a loyalty program of VinGroup – Joint Stock Company implemented by One Mount Consumer Joint Stock Company with the participation of partners to cooperate in implementing the program.
  • VinID Points are points recorded in the VinID account and/or VinID card (in the form of a physical card) with the term and scope of use in accordance with the regulations of the VinID Loyalty Care Program published on the Website Vinid.net in each period.
  • 1MC: One Mount Consumer Joint Stock Company – is the partner providing Program solutions for Techcombank and implementing the Program based on Techcombank’s request.
  • Support Units: Techcombank’s units related to products, services, business programs and systems to serve individual customers.
  • PCC: Personal Customer Service Department – ​​Direct sales and customer support center of the RBG division in Techcombank.

6. Program’s operation mechanism:

6.1. General principles:

  • Reward points will be based on the payment transaction of the customer from the eligible cards that specified in section 6.2.1 of this document.
  • All TCB’s customers who satisfy this program’s regulations will have the right to participate in this program at no cost.
  • Every TCB’s customer will have one and only one corresponding Techcom Rewards account at VinID, the customer’s phone number at TCB does not necessarily coincide with the customer’s phone number at VINID.
  • Reward Points are accumulated from the spending of eligible cards that the customer owns. In case customer has both main and supplementary cards or customer has many different cards, reward points will automatically transferred to the only main cardholder’s Techcom Rewards account at VinID.

6.2. General conditions to participate in this program:

6.2.1. Condition of Eligible cards 

  Eligible cards in this program include Techcombank Visa Classic, Techcombank Visa Gold, Techcombank Visa Platinum (excluding Vietnam Airlines Techcombank Visa Credit Card (Classic, Gold, Platinum), Visa Signature credit cards, Visa Infinite credit cards, MasterCard credit cards, DreamCard credit cards and other credit card products).

Note: Card must be in normal status, not locked, canceled due to reasons including but not limited to: late payment, violation of terms and conditions of the issuing bank or permanently lock/cancelled comes from the cardholder’s own request, card expires.

6.2.2. Condition of Currency:

– The currency applied in this program is Vietnam Dong. 

– In case, customer makes foreign exchange transactions permitted by law, the spending amount after converting to Vietnam Dong will be used as the basis for calculating points for the customer (if any).

6.2.3. Conditions of spending transactions: 

a. Valid transaction which is considered to transfer to reward point for customer is defined as below:

– Transaction is made by credit card-holder for paying goods and/or services via acceptance devices, or via electronic payment methods (internet, mail/Phone order ..) for personal consumption purposes (not business purposes) and this transaction is recognized to be successful on the card system of TCB and/or the Card Institution and the settlement has been made.

– The payment transaction is not recorded by the TCB system, but the transaction is settled by the payment card organization with TCB and TCB has successfully debited the cardholder’s account.

b. Invalid transaction which is not be transfered to point for customer is defined as below,include but are not limited to the following cases:

– Withdrawal/ advance transactions at ATM/POS; transfer transactions, fee/interest collection transactions; tax refund transaction.

– Transactions of canceling payment/cancellation of goods and services or automatic refund transactions (void/reversal) due to (i) system failure, or (ii) customer proactively cancel the transaction or (iii) third party cancel the transaction.

– Any transaction that TCB suspects that the payment transaction is not eligible in the program, including but not limited to the following cases:

  • Customers make fraudulent and cheating card transactions, payment transactions not arising from the purchase of goods and provision of services (fraudulent transactions at merchants). Customer make agency transactions, cheating transactions, fraudulent transactions, specifically: payment transactions for collection of electricity/water bills/air tickets/telecommunication charges and/or payment transactions buy goods and services at supermarkets, shops, and business establishments and then do not use / cannot prove to use all these goods and services for individuals / families (transactions of shop owners buying cell phones) mobile phones, electronic appliances, vouchers, phone scratch cards, game cards… at stores, supermarkets, online sales websites, then distribute to other retail customers, and/or payment transaction of loan principal/interest is secured by an insurance policy. Payment transactions for business operating expenses that are not for personal consumption purpose (including but not limited to advertising transactions on facebook ads, google ads…)
  • Payment transactions are made on POS/mPOS that TCB assesses that there are signs of fraud based on abnormalities in behavior, frequency, and value of transactions of customers in each period.
  • Transactions related to securities trading, foreign exchange.
  • Transactions related to money transfer on websites (including but not limited to Paypal, SKR skrill.com websites).
  • Transactions related to prepaid card top-up
  • Transaction-like cash (quasi-cash transactions) including transactions involving money orders, traveler’s checks, games, wagers, lotteries, etc.
  • Foreign currency exchange transactions (including but not limited to transactions on Forex.com);
  • For MCC MCC – 4900 [Utililties] and MCC – 4814, 4812 [Telecomunication] : Transaction amount in one (01) month of one (01) customer exceeds 150 million VND
  • Other cases according to regulations/policies of TCB in each period.

7. Earning mechanism:

7.1. Rule for earning: 

– Reward points which customers recieve in this program come from valid credit card transactions and based on the type of category, transaction amount. 

– Eligible credit cards are specified in section 6.2.1 of this document.

7.2.  Formula to determine reward points: 

Total reward points = Category points + Bonus points + Promotion points

Whereby : 

  • Category points are specified at Section 7.2.1.
  • Bonus points are specified in Section 7.2.2.
  • Promotion points are specified in Section 7.2.3.

7.2.1. Category points 

Category points  = A *  PV/m* b

Whereby :

  • Category points is actual points that customers receive when spending/making transactions (unit: points)
  • A is Bonus coefficient (follow the table below) (include A for daily & birthday)
  • PV (Actual Purchasing Volume) is the actual amount of the valid transaction that customers made (Unit: VND). Customer’s actual transaction amount is calculated from the 1st to the last day of the spending month.
  • m (Base Purchasing Volume): is the base value to convert from the payment value to the corresponding point.
  • b is Base point which is based on card type and category. (follow the table below)

In detail

NoType of card  Minimum requirement of monthly spending amount to earn pointEligible categories Bonus coefficient (daily) (A)Bonus coefficient (birthday) (A)Base Purchasing Volume (m)Base point (b)
1Techcombank Visa Platinum Credit CardFrom 1,000,000 VND/month or moreRestaurant3320,000 VND2 points
Education/ Transportation23
2Techcombank Visa Gold Credit CardFrom 1,000,000 VND/month or moreSupermarket3320,000 VND1 point
3Techcombank Visa Classic Credit CardFrom 1,000,000 VND/month or moreOnline shopping3320,000 VND1 point
Entertainment/ Fashion23
Others0020,000 VND1 point



  • Birthday will be based on customer database recorded on Techcombank system and customers are only recieved birthday promotion once a year.
  • Points will be rounded down to the nearest adjacent integer.
  • Minimum requirement of monthly spending amount to earn point/ Eligible categories/ Bonus coefficient/Base Purchasing Volume/ Base point can be reviewed and admended/ replaced by Techcombank in each period without prior notice to customers.
  • Minimum requirement of monthly spending amount to earn point based on the amount of valid transactions from the date the customer agrees to participate in the program and/or the date the customer is automatically enrolled in the program to the end of the last day of month.
  • The list of Eligible categories will be based on the MCC that the sellers have registered with Visa. Techcombank is not responsible in case the MCC is faulty/wrong. Visa and/or the sellers may change the MCC without prior notice. The list of Eligible categories specified in each field is specified in the appendix attached to this document.

7.2.2 Bonus point

NoType of CardThreshold Spending amount to get bonus pointsBonus points
1Techcombank Visa Classic Credit CardFrom 7,000,000 VND/month or more1,000 points
2Techcombank Visa Gold Credit CardFrom 15,000,000 VND/month or more3,000 points
3Techcombank Visa Platinum Credit CardFrom 20,000,000 VND/month or more6,000 points
  • Threshold Spending amount to get bonus points is calculated on the total valid transaction amount of each card of customer in month.
  • Customers can only get Bonus Points up to maximum one time per month
  • Threshold Spending amount to get bonus points and bonus points may be reviewed and changed by Techcombank in each period without prior notice to customers.

7.2.3 Promotion points.

During the implementation of this Program, TCB may deploy promotion campaings (if need) to encourage cardholders to make more transactions to receive plus points. Customers will get promotion points from these promotion campaign.

7.2.4. Maximum earned points per month per cardholder: 

NoType of cardMaximum earned points per month per cardholder
1Techcombank Visa Classic Credit Card20,000 points/month
2Techcombank Visa Gold Credit Card50,000 points /month
3Techcombank Visa Platinum Credit Card100,000 points / month
  • In case, one customer has more than one card, the maximum earned points per month per cardholder is based on the maximum points of the highest card type that the customer holds.
  • The threshold of maximum earned points per month per cardholder may be reviewed and changed by Techcombank in each period without prior notice to customers.

7.3 Expiry date of reward points

Reward points are valid for 12 months from the date customer gets.

  •   Expiry date is understood as after 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds of the last day of the expiration month. After expiry date, all expired points will be recalled by the system and the customer cannot use the expiry points and TCB will not accept any redemption request.

7.4 Buying/selling/transferring reward points

– Customers are not allowed to buy, sell/transfer their reward points to others. 

– In case, customers buy points from VINID, they will follow VINID’s policies and guidelines in each time.

8. Burning mechanism

  • Customers can use reward points to redeem gifts.
  • In order to use reward points to redeem gifts, customers need use VinID’s App and follow VinID’s policies published in each period.
  • Request for redemption will not be accepted if customer doesn’t provide requested information fully and accurately .
  • Redemption requests once made cannot be cancelled, refunded or changed. Rewards redeemed cannot be exchanged for other rewards or returned, replaced, or converted to cash in any case. Reward Points once converted to other loyalty programs of third partners are not transferable or cancelled.
  • Customers can only redeem gifts when the reward points are still valid. Points must be redeemed prior to one working day before the reward points expire. After this time, points will be automatically invalid and customer can not redeem.
  • Reward points can be redeemed at units of 1MC’s partner network and/or converted into gift vouchers or can be converted into points of Loyalty programs of other suppliers. The gifts, the network of service providers may be changed and will be specified in details and determined by TCB in each period.

9. Other regulations:

 – In case, Customer has valid transactions but does not receive points according to the bank’s regulations, Customer needs claim TCB within thirty (30) days from the date of making transaction. TCB has the right to request Customer to provide information and documents about the transaction for consideration and answer. If after thirty (30) days, the Customer does not claim/ does not provide enough documents as required by TCB, TCB has right to deny solving the customer’s claim. In case, TCB evaluates that the customer’s transaction is eligible, TCB will plus additional points for the customer (if any). In any case (including in case after customer is added points), the total maximum points of each Customer is always ensured not to exceed the maximum earned points per month per cardholder as prescribed by the program.

– In case, customer has a refund transaction (reverse/refund transaction), TCB has right to recall/ revert the points accumulated by original transaction (including category Points and/or bonus point and/or promotion Points)

– For installment transaction, the purchasing amount is considered to be eligible/valid Transaction in that purchase month. Monthly installments bill arising from the installment transaction will not be considered to be eligible Transactions.

– When TCB locks customer’s TECHCOM Rewards account for any reason (including but not limited to the reason of the customer’s death, missing, violation of the program’s regulations….), total points will be frozen and/or recall.

– In case Customer has bad debt from third group or more at Techcombank, Customer will not be allowed to participate/continue to participate in this program and/or Techcombank has right to recover the accumulated points of Customer.

– In case TCB unilaterally determines that Customer has the purpose of cheating to get profit from the Program, then TCB has the right to:

  • Temporarily freeze the accumulation points of customers.
  • Deduct the points in Customer’s TCB TECHCOM Rewards account without notifying the Customer even if the deduction of these points may cause to negative points balance.
  • Lock Customer’s TCB TECHCOM Rewards account.
  • In case Customer’s TCB TECHCOM Rewards account is negative, all points Customer receives will be used to reduce account negative automatically. Customer will not be able to use TECHCOM Rewards account balance until the Customer’s TECHCOM Rewards account is greater than zero. Customer’s TECHCOM Rewards Account will be negative if and only if:
  • The points are recalled/reverted due to customer has returned goods, or refunded/canceled the payment transaction. As well as, the recalled point is more than the point in the TECHCOM Rewards account at the time of recall.
  • TCB found that customers are cheating program.
  • If customer has a refund or cancellation transaction, customer’s points will be only deducted but not calculate in Minimum requirement of monthly spending amount to earn point of the card that customer is holding.
  • TCB has the right to change part or all content of the program. TCB also has the right to change the scheme of program or change any terms and conditions without prior notice to the customer.
  • In case, the Program is conflict with any regulations, laws or directives of any government units, TCB reserves the right to change, cancel or amend to comply with the provisions of law.
  • TCB is not a supplier of goods and services. In case, there are any questions or complaints related to goods and services, cardholder will contact directly to the relevant supplier to be resolved. TCB doesn’t makes sure or representations about the quality or suitability of gifts or vouchers offered in this program.
  • The Bank has the right to request customer to provide financial invoices, necessary information and documents to ensure that customer’s transactions are valid in accordance with the law and the terms and conditions of card.
  • The Bank reserves the right to refuse to award points/or recall/revert points/or refuse to redeem reward points of customers in case of detecting or suspecting fraud/abuse related to earn and burn points in this program.
  • Customers agree by defaults to allow TCB to use the information provided by them in this program to third party for management/marketing purposes in order to increase the customer’s benefits.
  • Any taxes, or other obligations or fees and charges arising from this program must be paid to third party (if any) will be paid by the customer.
  • The implementation will be decided by TCB and may be changed without prior notice required.
  • TCB is not responsible for redeem points through loyalty programs related to other partners.
  • Customers can redeem gifts according to TCB’s regulations/instructions in each period and will be notified/updated on TCB’s official website/channel.
  • Redemption will not be done if the requested information is not fully and accurately provided by customer.
  • Redemption requests once made cannot be cancelled, refunded or changed. Redeemed Rewards cannot be exchanged for other gifts or returned, substituted or converted to cash in any case. Points once converted to other loyalty programs of another partners cannot be transferred or cancelled.
  • Every month, TCB will close the statement of reward points from the first day to the last day of the transaction month.
  • For refund/cancellation transactions, TCB will recover points in the month of refund/cancellation of the customer’s transaction.
  • In case after forty-five (45) days from the date of point redemption, if  TCB does not receive a response from Customer, TCB will automatically understand that the gift /voucher has been delivered successfully to the Customer. TCB will not resolve the complaint after this time.
  • In case of any dispute related to this program, TCB will resolve it in the spirit of agreement/cooperation with Customer. During settling a dispute or complaint, there is still no agreement between the two parties, the dispute will be handled in accordance with law.
  • Terms and conditions of the program will be governed by Vietnamese law.
  • In case, there is any inconsistency/conflict between the English version and the Vietnamese version, the Vietnamese version will be prioritized use.
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